Print Design

Your business isn’t just another business on the block. As such, your business’ assets that require design elements (like banners and signs) need to be different, attractive, and most importantly, effective.


MJWEBEXPERTS, LLC can help you with any type of print design that your business may need and hit on all three of those points above. Send us the print dimensions, give us your instructions (or let us brainstorm creative ideas for you to pick from), and watch as we come up with something that you and everyone at your company is ecstatic with.


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Banners, signs, and other physical marketing assets


Your print element needs to do something, like get a passerby to pay attention to a sale of discount. To accomplish that task, the overall print design needs to be three things:


  1. Catchy – you have to draw the eye
  2. Tasteful – you have to represent your brand in a professional way
  3. Appropriate – you have to appeal to the target of the print


At MJWEBEXPERTS, LLC, those are some of the criteria we use for our print design before passing any work off to the client. It might seem like a lot of work for a simple banner or sign, but at MJWEBEXPERTS, LLC, that’s the amount of dedication we put into each and every client project. We don’t want to just give you something we can use – we want to give you something that will make waves! (As much as a banner or sign can make waves, that is.)


Flyers, business cards, and other brand-related material


If it’s directly related to your business, skimping on design will make you look cheap to both consumers and potential B2B connections. We’re not saying you should have a business card that’s in the shape of a dragon, but a standard business card that looks like it was designed in Microsoft Word won’t represent you in the way you want to be represented.


Let MJWEBEXPERTS, LLC handle all of your print design needs, especially those that people will be judging you on directly. We’ll craft something that stands out from the crowd, but isn’t “loud” or “trying too hard”. You’ll get the final say in everything, and we won’t rest until you’re completely happy with every part of the print.


Contact MJWEBEXPERTS, LLC today and let’s get talking. There’s a bigger difference in good design and bad design out there in the real world. You need print that will catch eyes and move them to the content of your print (what it’s about) – if people are ignoring you or only looking because of how poor the design is, the results you get will be less than mediocre.


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