Social Media

Here at MJWEBEXPERTS, LLC, we know what it takes to market a business effectively on social media without resorting to ad budgets that quickly skyrocket out of control. Make your mark on Facebook, Instagram, and other networks with our custom managed social media solutions to increase revenue from the ever-explosive social landscape.


Call 877-769-9948 or click here to get started with MJWEBEXPERTS, LLC today. Let us know a bit about your business and what you’re trying to accomplish – we’ll lay out month-to-month social strategy aimed at consistent growth before asking you for a penny.


Social setup, branding, and design


Do your social media accounts exist? If they do, are they perfect – as in, do they present your company in a favorable, accurate way to the public?


Work with MJWEBEXPERTS, LLC to outfit your social assets with the right design elements (such as cover photos on Facebook and profile backgrounds on Twitter) and copy elements (such as your bio on Instagram or your About section on Facebook). You can see some samples of our social design work by clicking here.


Once we’ve turned your accounts into perfect social assets, we move onto your campaigns – aka, what you post and what you do on each account.


Campaign management


If you have your own social media team, you can feel free to take over from here and do your own thing. If you’d like expertise and content generation to move your social campaigns forward in a meaningful way, MJWEBEXPERTS, LLC can help you with our managed social packages.


Tell us about what you’re trying to accomplish with your social media accounts – it can be as simple as I want to generate more revenue or as complex as I want to increase followers in the age 30-49 female demographic. We’ll brainstorm and build unique social campaigns that push you towards your defined goals quickly.


You sign off on everything before it goes live, and at MJWEBEXPERTS, LLC ,there  is no obligatory annual commitment like you see at many other social media management firms.


Promotion & outreach


To take things to the level, upgrade your social accounts with new design, new campaigns, and new promotional techniques from MJWEBEXPERTS, LLC.


We’ll increase the number of targeted followers you have, increase interactions on all of your posts and photos, and overall, just improve your social presence in a way that pushes you towards the most important thing: your goals.


Types of promotion can range from running small contests all the way to creating a network of influences to promote your brand – every company will have a different best approach. Pick up the phone and call 877-769-9948 or click here to reach out to MJWEBEXPERTS, LLC and start talking about your social media design, management, and promotional needs today.